Friday, February 7, 2014

Field Trip Friday: Skating!

  We almost forgot about skating today.  Its been a really weird week.  Shorty has been sick & we had around 15 inches of snow with really cold temps so it threw us a little off.  We started out normally.  The kids had a little bit of computer time - we give them 15 minutes each day, with more occasionally.  They stretch it out a little bit by watching each other play their games:)
The boys watching Mookie play WebRangers
  While we did our devotionals for the day, Mookie worked on her dishtowel embroidery.  Papa gave her some for Christmas (and pretty much every color of the rainbow in embroidery floss) and she's been dying to start another.  She threaded her own needle this morning and she was so proud:)
  I made sure they got Math & English done and a few other side items.  This week has been a little loose.  Our buddies across the street used to be homeschooled and now that they're in public school if they're off for snow days (which they were 3x this week) we make sure the kids are available to play more readily than a regular school day.  Between that and Shorty making trips to the doctor, it cut up the week a bit, but one of the awesome things about homeschooling is being flexible!
  The timing of skating day couldn't have been better to get us out of the house!  Mookie absolutely LOVES rollerskating!  We've dropped going to the Keepers of the Faith group meetings so we can go to a monthly homeschool skate instead.  Bubby chose to stay at home with Daddy.  While we were gone, they cleaned the basement.  Its more of a cellar, so they scrubbed down the walls and chased the cobwebs away:)
  Shorty is a little too young for me to feel comfortable with him being on skates in the midst of the other skaters, so I pushed him in our umbrella stroller on the skate floor.  Mookie lapped us several times on the floor, but came by and gave us a smile every once in a while.
  Her favorite part of skate day is the limbo!  She's getting better and better, both at the limbo & skating.  There were about 100 kids doing the limbo today and she lasted until the last 25, but we didn't get any farther than that because its on a time limit.
  No trip to town is complete without running extra errands, so we grabbed some groceries and then headed to the library.  Shorty was in high gear because of a super short nap, so it was interesting at times, but its always fun:) 


  1. I love reading about your Fridays out and about! I haven't skated in years... I wonder if I remember how...heheh.

    1. Tristan, before we started with this group I hadn't either. I'm just glad I can push Samuel around on the skate floor in the stroller! I need that as a crutch;)