Sunday, May 4, 2014

In Our Own Backyard

  Friday was "Field Trip Friday".  Let me tell you, with all the running around we've been doing as of late I was hard pressed to go and do more!  Bubby came to the rescue!  He had spotted a nature trail on the edge of town that was created on the old railroad track land.  We ended up going in pursuit of an adventure in our own town:) 
  While I did not keep track of the length of our portion of the Landon Trail, it was definitely long enough to tire Shorty out.  He was ready to be carried by the time we had reached the end & made the return trip.  The start of the Overbrook portion begins right across from the grain elevator & continues to a county road that cuts across it. 
  The area was heavily wooded, but we were afforded temporary views of the area beyond the woods, including a pond with ducks on it.  We also saw a fox run across the path, as well as a rabbit and heard numerous birds. 
  This is definitely something we are going to work into our schooling.  In addition to our town's wonderful lake, walking down the Landon Trail is going to be a great way to be out in and study nature!
   Another way our family has been getting out into nature is getting our garden up and running!  We've planted most all of our crops & and are almost ready to get the rest into the ground.

  The kids have their own little plot of ground and this year they are doing a fairy garden. 

Mookie's fairy on the left & Bubby's gnome on the right
  The miniatures for a fairy garden are pretty expensive, so I think the kids are going to improvise & create most of their own.  We did get them some starter pieces to get the ball rolling though:)


  1. You take the most charming photos! I think you have a knack :) Pat H.